Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wolski benched? Avs lose 3-2

That was a pretty bad game for Colorado.

I'm not sure what happened, but either Wolski was hurt, or was benched for a bad penalty (hooking). He stayed on the bench the entire game, but as far as I know didn't have a shift in the 3rd. I'd like to hope Sacco didn't bench him over a minor penalty.

Craig Anderson's season is going to be an endurance test if he keeps facing 35+ shots every game. He gave up alot of rebounds in the 3rd, but the loss can be attributed to the defense's inability to get the puck out of the zone.

The "bounce back player of the game" was clearly Kyle Cumiskey. His speed helped generate alot of Avalanche rushes (and believe me, there weren't many), and he was clearly a head and shoulders better than Foote and Salei...which brings me to the benching situation.

I don't think many people expected to see Brett Clark benched. Hoped? Sure. But not expected. I have a feeling he and Salei will be flip flopping next game, so don't you worry Brett Clark fan club. As bad as everyone likes to say Clark is, he had two assists and was a +1 in the first two games.

Salei tonight? He was a -1, with zero shots, and turned the puck over several times - including once about 5 feet in front of Anderson, forcing him to make a point blank save off of a slap shot.

T.J. Hensick also drew in the line-up. Considering he assisted on the then-go ahead goal, and Wolski may be hurt, I suspect we'll see him again. And as critical as I've been of him historically, he wasn't too bad tonight.

Well, except the part about him being the only -2 on the team.

I'm not sure why ANY line-up changes were made, considering the fact that Colorado dominated two good teams the first two games of the season.

Next game is Saturday in Chicago. The road trip is off to a great start...

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