Saturday, October 3, 2009

Avs surprise again

I don't think anyone saw a 2-0-0 start coming, especially when those first two games were against San Jose and Vancouver.

Craig Anderson
again was phenomenal with a 35 save shutout, once again taking 1st star honors. I think the Avs have found themselves a real winner here. He's looked huge in the net, and the team looks confident playing around him.

Matt Duchene continues to impress. The fans are praising him as the messiah, and he was the 3rd star of the game (it SHOULD have been Wolski). Wolski has looked great the first two games, and has the points to go along with it - 3 goals in 2 games. He didn't have 3 goals until the 22 game mark last year.

I better say this now because it will be the last time in a while, if not ever, that I'll be able to say it: the Colorado Avalanche are first in the league.

Next game is (yikes) not until Thursday, when the Avs take on Nashville IN Nashville. I'm not going to make a prediction after my last debacle. But trust me, I wasn't rooting against the Avs: Craig Anderson got me a big fat shutout in my fantasy league.

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