Monday, October 19, 2009

O'Reilly to stay

Raise your hand if you expected Colorado to ice two 18 year old forwards for 82 games.

This is the right decision. Both players have clearly shown they're ready, and have been a huge part of the Avalanche turn around.

After his first few games I questioned whether it would be best for O'Reilly to stay, but now I'm convinced. He's been playing ridiculous two-way hockey, especially last game against Detroit.

How did this guy slip by so many teams? TSN's Bob McKenzie had O'Reilly going at 27th overall, but he fell to #33 where Colorado snatched him.

Kinda ironic that Detroit (who traded for Tampa's 32nd overall draft choice) passed on him and he burned them in his first game against them (not a knock against them, Landon Ferraro is a great young prospect).

Straying off topic a little further, it's also interesting to note that Stefan Elliot looks to be a steal at 49th overall. Everyone calls him the Mike Green of the western hockey league, and McKenzie projected him to go 35th overall. I wonder if Colorado would have taken him at #32 if Detroit took O'Reilly.

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