Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wolski deserves to be benched or traded NOW

If you've found yourself saying this, or similar things, chances are your head is far up a place it shouldn't be.

He leads the Avalanche in goals. He leads the Avalanche in points. And yet, some people are calling for him to be benched. A week ago these same people were calling for Sacco's head for sitting him down in the 3rd period against Detroit.

Every year people want more from him, and this year you're finally getting it. But of course, the boo birds are out.

Wolski's had a bad bounce on the penalty that led to the goal. Up until then, he was having a strong game which included an assist. Yet, this isolated incident is calling for people to bench and/or trade him (for a guy like Frolov, who was benched last game for the Kings).

The other thing pissing me off is how people are complaining about him missing the net on his shootout try. Sorry to clue you people in, but players miss the net all the time in a shoot-out, and it's not because they took a bad shot. There was likely a small hole there, and Wolski missed it. Don't lose too much sleep over it, the Avalanche are 6-1-2 despite being projected as the worst team in the West by many "experts".

Through all the moaning and groaning, somehow Paul Stastny's play has been left out of the "sky is falling" discussion.

The guy averages over 20 minutes a night, and yet had a whopping 2 points (no goals) on the seven game road trip. Don't worry, he's only making 6.6 million dollars.


matt said...

When I read the headline, I thought you were going to argue that he should be benched or traded. I was thinking, why would that make sense, he seems to be having a decent year, so far. Anyway, glad to see you were taking the other side of the arguement. Good post.

From the Point said...

Good point about Stats, he has dodged any scrutiny. Of course as I write this has has heated up. I think most people realize he is a bit streaky.
But making that much $$ means he should be more consistent.