Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Salary Cap at it's finest

A little over two weeks ago I posted a blog with my all free agent team. 17 days later, that team hasn't changed much:

Tanguay - Lang - Sykora
Malhotra - Moore - Bertuzzi
Betts - Comrie - Williams
Niedermayer - Peca - Grier

Seidenberg - Schneider
Sydor - Bergeron
Backman - Numminen


The bolded are the changes. I'm not longer 100% sure Zubov will re-sign in Dallas, so I may as well have put him on there.

If I were Avalanche GM, I'd be looking to see how much Alex Tanguay's asking price had dropped. If Biron settled for 1.4 million, it's possible Tanguay may sign somewhere in the 2.5 range. I don't say to bring Tanguay back because he's a former Av, but rather that he's far and away the best free agent left. Plus, last time I checked, Colorado could use a left wing.

And oh yeah, how about signing Blair Betts? Nearly a month has gone by and management, despite my stressing (because they read this blog), hasn't fixed a very affordable problem: a checking line/penalty killing center. Yet, someone decided signing a 4th line fighter was a high priority because they only wasted hours signing Koci.

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