Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Many quality UFA's still avaliable

As of early morning July 9th, here's my All UFA team of the remaining players without contracts:

Tanguay - Lang - Sykora
Malhotra - Moore - Bertuzzi
Betts - Comrie - Williams
Niedermayer - Peca - Grier

Seidenberg - Schneider
Mara - Morris
Backman - Alberts


Other notables: Bonk, Satan, Afinogenov, Kotalik; M.A. Bergeron, Sydor; Legace, Kolzig.

I left off Sundin because he's expected to retire. Zubov is expected to re-sign with Dallas.

I'm sure I forgot someone big. Regardless, still a strong crop of players left. It's my hope that Colorado targets one of Malhotra or Betts to be the 3rd line shutdown center next season.

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