Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to give Raycroft a start?

Once again, the Avalanche completely outplayed their opponent, but lost thanks to shoddy goaltending. Even the RDS announcer called it "a nasty victory" for Edmonton.

Budaj has never been able to come up with the big saves, and that fact hasn't changed so far this season. The first Penner goal was crap; I don't care what it hit off of, his pad should have been flat on the ice. It wasn't, and the puck went under his knee.

And naturally, with 5 seconds left he lets in another goal. I'm not saying it was his fault, but if his stick is flat on the ice I'm not sure the puck goes in.

Simply disappointing; Colorado should not have lost after out shooting the Oilers 33-19.

As for the rest of the team, no one particularly stuck out as bad aside from maybe Svatos and Salei; Svatos couldn't control the puck and had some pretty bad pass receptions, where as Salei made some very questionable defensive choices.

A player that stuck out to me was Leopold. Hopefully he can stay healthy this season.

That's it I guess. What else can you say? Colorado has outplayed both of their opponents (both good teams expected to push for the playoffs), but lost thanks to Budaj.

Hopefully Andrew Raycroft is in net next game, but don't be suprised if were treated to Peter Budaj yet again.

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