Friday, October 10, 2008

Theodore Pulled

Former Av Jose Theodore was pulled after allowing 4 goals on 17 shots, as Washington dropped it's season opener in Atlanta 7-4. Theodore completely stiffed the Avs, rejecting a very fair two year deal which would have paid him 3.5 million per season , opting to sign a two year, 9 million dollar deal in Washington.

Maybe I was wrong in my blog yesterday about Theodore being better than Budaj. Nah, he is. But if karma exists, this is it. He left for more money, even though he'd be playing in Russia right now had Francois Giguere not signed goalie coach Jeff Hackett (a former teammate of Theodore) specifically to work with him.

Well, I'll finish off this cynical mini-blog by saying: Theo, worst of luck to you.

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