Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Third Time Not A Charm

If you don't feel like reading this blog, simply listen to a broken record. It will surely convey the same effect.

Colorado has scored 10 goals in the 1st three games, but are still winless.

Either the defense isn't doing it's job or the goalie isn't. If you've read any of my previous blogs, what I'm about to say will come as no suprise to you: Budaj sucks. He's horrible, terrible, bad. Say it anyway you want to.

The shots for are now 101; the shots against 74. This team should not be 0-3. I won't say they outplayed Calgary tonight, but that doesn't matter. They scored four times. Rarely should any team lose when it scores four times, let alone twice in three games.

Budaj has only stopped 82% of pucks he's faced, and I can honestly say I haven't seen a goaltender play this bad over a three game span in my life (well, maybe Cloutier in '07 while with LA, but he was playing hurt and with a bad team in front of him).

I wish my blogs didn't have to revolve around Peter Budaj, but they're going to everytime he blows the game. Both Bertuzzi goals should not have gone in, especially the 1st one. Pathetic.

Other things I noticed:

- McCormick was great. He was noticeable on every shift; not only for his size, but his speed. Svatos was a late scratch, and I'm glad. Svatos clearly isn't in game shape yet, and needs a rest.

- Wolski and Jones were both invisible tonight. Not a good sign for Jones, who's in the line-up for his fore checking ability and work in the dirty areas.

- Darcy Tucker's hair coming out the back of his helmet is 'sweet' looking. Shut up, you know it's awesome.

- Expect Raycroft to get the start against Philadelphia. That article, plus the fact that Budaj's GAA is 4.39. It's the perfect time for Andrew to win Avalanche fans over; all he has to do is let in less than 5 goals for his goaltending to be an upgrade over Budaj's.

Game 4 is Thursday in Denver. Puck drops at 7pm (9 pm est).

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