Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Paul Stastny Is A Bad Actor

Did anyone else see that commercial for laser eye vision? His performance was laughably bad, but the commercial played things off as serious. Maybe he should've taken lessons from the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On to the game: There goes the winning streak. I think some of this loss can be blamed on Arnason. On the first goal he couldn't contain Moss behind the net, who would go on to make the centering pass to Glencross. After that, Budaj let in a stinker, followed by the Cammalleri goal and that was all she wrote.

There's a perfect example of why Colorado needs a checking line center. If Glen Metropolit or Stephane Yelle are in the same position, the game would have remained 0-0. Or heck, even Guite, who was a healthy scratch for the third time this season.

Arnason should be out of the line-up next game. And heck, Svatos too. I'm dubbing them "the wonder twins". They both look like they're capable of doing good things, but never get anything done. They combined for two shots (both by Arnason) and a +/- rating of -2.

Budaj was pretty good until the soft Bourque goal. But as I've preached before, Budaj has trouble coming up with big saves late in games. I'm still going to blame this loss on a lack of a defensive third line center, though.

That's all I've got for now. My spidey senses are telling me Raycroft will be starting next game against Columbus, and rightfully so. He's 2-0, and Budaj took over in the middle of his win streak.

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Jibblescribbits said...

Disagree on the second goal. While it certainly wasn't great, I wouldn't call it bad. It looked like an average NHL goal, and one that happens on a consistent basis to all goalies in the league.

I just found your blog, and have read a few things you had to say. I ovbiously disagree with your Budaj take, but you have a decent thing going here.. I'll check you out more.

(I have a feeling we'll be disagreeing a lot on Budaj though)