Saturday, October 25, 2008

5 Games Strong.

I thought the win streak was over, but a lucky bounce off a sabre helmet and some spectacular shootout goals (ironically, it was the goal that probably should have been stopped that won it) extended Colorado's winning streak to 5 games.

Budaj has really been strong these past two games. But history has shown us that Budaj plays well for stretches, then bad for stretches. So far this season it's played out the same way, but hopefully he can keep things going strong.

One thing which I found particularly dirtbagish (is that even a word?) was how on two occasions Sabres players looked like they were ready to fight, but refused to drop the gloves after the Avalanche player had dropped his. Ironically, Don Cherry talked about this very thing tonight. Well, Buffalo ended up losing the game anyway, so the joke is on them.

Marek Svatos is having a crummy start with only one goal in the first seven games. I know his ice time is low, but what has he done to show he deserves more? Both tonight and last game against Edmonton I've seen Wolski dropped to the Arnason line in an attempt to recreate the success they had last year when Sakic, Stastny, and Smyth were all out of the line-up. Right now, it's not happening.

Out of town thought: Wow, the Islanders, with a top scoring line of Bergenheim, Weight, and Guerin somehow muster 60 shots on Cam Ward but still lose the game. I'm confused; I thought the offense was supposed to be the weak point, and DiPietro was supposed to be the strong point?

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