Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Budaj Back In Net.

Peter Budaj will start tomorrow against Edmonton.

Can't say I agree with this move. Clearly, Colorado needs another goalie, so why not use logic when choosing a starter? Budaj's best game was against LA, and he still let in 3 goals on 29 shots. Not to mention that he completely blew the first game against Edmonton not two weeks ago.

I expect a loss, or a goal fest win tomorrow night. Colorado leads the league in goals for with 24 in 6 games, but is 26th in goals against, so far allowing 22. Honestly, when the season started I expected the team to be good and Budaj to be bad, but I thought it wouldn't be so out of control; I thought Colorado would be solid enough with Budaj, but eventually trade for a goalie...instead, they're scoring like Gretzky's Oilers, but Budaj is playing like Dan Cloutier was a couple years ago.

I guess we'll see what happens.

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