Saturday, November 7, 2009

Bad feeling about Liles

I have a feeling we've seen the last of John-Michael Liles for a while.

When have you ever seen a player return quickly after what's happened to him? He missed two weeks with a shoulder injury, came back and played two pretty godawful games, and in game three re-injures the shoulder on an innocent looking play.

I still don't know what happened. With the way he fell down/the look of pain on his face, I thought he took a high stick.

But no, it was the shoulder.

Will he need surgery? Who knows, but this is wouldn't be the worst year for it to happen. The long Olympic break would allow alot of recovery time.

What if Tom Preissing comes in and plays like the 38 point, +40 player he was in 2007 for Ottawa? Could we have seen the last of JM Liles as an Avalanche?

That's certainly extreme, but it's just a thought.

Brett Clark is having a nice bounce back year. He's still gotten it from the fans (mostly unjustified), but take a look at this stat: 12 blocked shots tonight.

12 blocked shots in one game! A couple of them were huge, too, including the one off of the side of his head late in the 3rd.


Not to say "I told you so," but...I told you so.

Salary: 1.100
Games: 17
Points: 19

Salary: 2.025
Games: 17
Points: 5

That's just to put things in perspective.

Yes, Prospal has been playing center on a line with Gaborik, but he's been good even during the games Gaborik has missed. And, he's had success at LW pretty much every team he's been on in his career.

Wouldn't he look alot better next to Duchene than the other people he's been paired with so far?

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