Monday, September 28, 2009

2009-2010 Colorado Avalanche Blogger Roundtable

It's day 8 of the 2009-2010 Avalanche Blogger Roundtable, hosted by Mile High Hockey. My question to host is:

Who has the biggest make-or-break season?

"This season is Paul Stastny's to screw up. He is next in line to be captain, but another poor season could cost him the "face of the franchise" moniker with other superstar hopefuls starting this year. While it would be easy (and ideal) to see Stastny share the spotlight with a guy like Duchene, Colorado's picky fans are out of patience and will immediately latch on to the next big thing. In the end though, I really expect the motivation of new talent and an exiting captain to push Paul Stastny to the next level."

- Grant @ Hockeyism

"It's a toss up between Wolski or Svatos. It looks like Woski is going to see some time on the top line with Hedjuk and Stastny, so his excuses are going to be little to none. As for Svatos, for the first time in a while, they aren't going to put him on a grind line. The guy is too small to play on line three. So, with his promotion to line two, he has to prove that he is the scorer he can be."

- Matt @ Mile High Mayhem

"Wojtek Wolski. He continues to exhibit big-time skill but only offers mid-range production. His point-per-game rate has dropped in each of his 3 NHL seasons to date. He is electrifying in the shootout and he's improved so many things about his game, but he needs to start putting points up on the scoreboard."

- David @ Mile High Hockey

"Budaj. He's had an awful year and now he's the backup, slated to play about 30 games. If he doesn't show well, it could be his last contract in the NHL. Someone might take a flier on him after this year but if he doesn't perform, you can kiss the a zero good-bye on his next contract."

- Aaron @ Hockey Buzz

"Don't know if there's make or break seasons when the expectations for this team are so low, but I think Wojtek Wolski is beginning to move this direction. A solid all around season from him will solidify his place in the future of the franchise while another "blah" year with most of his success coming in the shootout will lead to that "how long is the organization going to wait for him to develop" scenario. I like Wolski, and it's time for him to define his identity as a player. Power forward or finesse and speed guy or rush the net and try and move me out of the way style; just pick one and do it well. Avs fans are waiting..."

- Jay @ The Avalanche Hockey Podcast

"Wolski. His numbers have continued to decrease as his role has increased. If he doesn't find consistency in his game, he'll be shown the door at the end of the season."

- Me.

I'd like to thank all those involved for inviting me to participate in this years round table.

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