Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Now that things have quieted down for a bit...

Let's review what the Avalanche's signings:

- G Craig Anderson, 2 years @ 1.812 million per season. I still think Biron would have been the better choice, but there's no arguing with the price of 1.8 million. It's dirt; even if he bombs as a starter, his cap hit is so small that he can easily be afforded as the back-up in 2010-2011. He sounds happy to be joining the organization, and hopefully he can backstop this team into the playoffs. Apparently Ty Conklin was waiting for an Avalanche phone call that never came, and am I glad it didn't.

- LW/D David Koci, 1 year @ 575k. This is just a throw away signing. I'm sure Koci will be in and out of the line-up all season, but when he's in the line-up should provide some fighting (notice I didn't say toughness). God help us if he ever has to play defense.


Other relevant signings:

- G Nikolai Khabibulin, 4 years @ 3.75 per season with the Edmonton Oilers. So wait, you're telling me the starting goaltenders in the division are Khabibulin, Luongo, Backstrom, Kipprusoff, and....Craig Anderson? Yikes! Anderson better translate that high SV% over 60 games next season, or I have a feeling the Avalanche's northwest division record isn't going to be so good.


That's all for now, more soon.

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