Saturday, July 4, 2009

Avs trade Smyth

Let's break down the trade:

LA gets: LW Ryan Smyth (6.250 @ 3 years)
Age: 33, 08-09: 77GP: 26 G - 33 A = 59 pts, -15

Colorado gets: D Kyle Quincey (0.525 @ 1 year)
Age: 23, 08-09: 72GP: 4 G - 34 A = 38 pts, -5

D Tom Preissing (2.75 @ 2 years)
Age: 30, 08-09: 22GP: 3 G - 4 A = 7 pts, -7

5th round pick


Obviously, it looks like the Avalanche have embraced the rebuild by adding a 23 year old defenseman who's a great power play anchor (27 PP points last year). Tom Preissing was just a throw in, but hopefully he can re-discover his game in Colorado. It's tough to see Smyth go, but the return was good and Smyth's contract was slightly bloated.

After this deal, the Avalanche save 2.975 in cap space (have 45.471 committed), and now currently have 18 players under contract for next season:

Stastny (6.60)
Hejduk (3.90)
Wolski (2.80)
Tucker (2.250)
Svatos (2.050)
McLeod (1.033)
Hensick (0.850)
Stewart (0.850)
Koci (0.575)

Hannan (4.50)
Liles (4.20)
Clark (3.50)
Salei (3.050)
Foote (3.00)
Preissing (2.750)
Quincey (0.525)

Anderson (1.812)
Budaj (1.250)

Expect Hannan, Salei, or Clark to be shipped out soon for a forward. There's no way Colorado goes into next season with 21.5 million dollars committed to 7 defenseman (not even counting the soon to be signed Kyle Cumiskey).


Anonymous said...

well TP is not a throw in at 2.75 mil... lol. At the very least this means two higher priced Ds out the door to free up what looks to be around 9 mil+ when the dust settles (from everything). Either Stoa is looking really good at LW or a true 2nd line LW is needed as Stewart is better at RW and Jones is better on the 3rd line RW to add depth.

Magnum said...

I actually meant a throw in from LA's side. They've been trying to get rid of him for a while.