Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This blogger is not impressed.

Ledin, Willsie, and Hensick were sent down to the minors today. Wow.

Hensick I can live with, seeing as it was set in stone once Joe Sakic returned that he, along with Stastny, Guite, and Arnason would be the top four centers.

Now to Willsie. This guy couldn't have played a better preseason, and all signs pointed to him not being cut. He killed penalties, did all the right things on the ice, and even scored 2 goals in 4 games. What else can you ask of the guy? You got me, but apparently Tony Granato thinks there is something in McLeod's, McCormick's, and Parker's game that isn't present in Willsie's. Maybe it's taking bad penalties.

Now on to Ledin. This guy is coming off a championship in Sweden, where in the tournament he started a healthy scratch but finished on the top line. In other words, the guy's a hard worker. He's McLeod and then some. And he got cut, after moving his family to Denver. Such a warm welcome.

This whole situation is a joke. Horrible, horrible moves. The Ledin move especially. In no bizarre universe should Cody McCormick have bumped Ledin for a roster spot. No way.

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