Thursday, August 28, 2008

Joe Sakic's Return and Confusion

Yesterday the Avs re-signed Super Joe to a one year, 6 million dollar deal. I think this is the right move. As well as Stastny played last season, Joe's still the guy. I think he showed that with how he played in the post season last year.

Now, with Sakic ready to go, where does that leave the team? Well, if you would have asked the hockey news two days a go, they would have said 14th. If you ask any fan outside of Colorado, they probably have them ranked out of the playoffs as well; even some Colorado fans aren't optimistic about this teams playoff chances. Well, my question to them is: why?

A year ago fans league wide thought Colorado would be a contender for the Northwest Division title, and the team is going into this season with basically the same team. The team's four centers are all the same. Budaj is starting, backed up by a goaltender that not many people have confidence in (abiet, a cheaper one). The defense is arguably stronger. Flip flop Ledin for Hlinka and Tucker for Brunette and we're basically talking about the same team here. That's not even mentioning how the other teams in the Northwest have all arguably gotten worse (aside from the Oilers).

But of course, anything can happen. Here's to hoping the injury bug doesn't bite.

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