Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cut Peter Budaj some slack

That's right, I'm going to defend Peter Budaj. Me. Really.

I've been seeing alot of fans and media (particularly Adrian Dater saying that Budaj might be down to his last chance) giving Peter Budaj alot of crap recently.

I'm baffled as to why.

I don't like Budaj's salary. I understand he's not skilled enough to be an NHL starter. And I'd prefer it if Weiman was given a shot at back-up next season.

But that doesn't mean I'm going to have blind hate for him. He's been given the chance to start two games out of 28, and went 1-1.

One really good game, one really bad game. But last time I checked, that's the trademark of an NHL back-up. If they were consistently good, they would be a starter on some team.

And considering how good Anderson has been, you may as well have had Jacques Cloutier as the back-up. It's his team now, and he'll be starting over 70 games this year (and hopefully next).

So again, why the hate? Are people bitter about last year? Or still fuming about Budaj's ugly loss to Edmonton?


R.Boulding said...

People are bitter about last year, bitter about Roy retiring, and horrified about Budaj's up and down game. Hell, I'm still bitter about Aebischer.

But One great game and one not so great game pretty much sum up Budaj's talent right now. What's worse is that he isn't playing as much as people expect, so then you really don't know what to expect.

Obviously the kid has talent, and I'm sure the coaches see it more than the rest of us cynics, but Budaj is too green and too textbook to be the primary goalie and his history with the team hasn't given people a lot of faith.

R.Boulding said...

In fact Boods looked pretty solid in his short stint tonight. Too bad we couldn't score (Stastny misses net WTF?).

Magnum said...

Budaj has always been a pretty good shootout goalie, and gave the Avs a chance tonight.

I'm sure we'll see him tonight in Pittsburgh. Hopefully he picks up the win so Sacco's confidence in him is restored and Anderson will get more rest.

Jibblescribbits said...

he sure looked good against Pittsburgh tonight.

Mike said...

And Saturday night against the Stars.