Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pseudo-GM Time: 36 reasons to Sign Miroslav Satan

1/36: that's the Avalanche power play success rate over the last ten games.

That number is simply pathetic, and if it doesn't change, the Avalanche's success in the month of November won't change: a 2-3-1 record.

The power play was a big reason for the 10-1-1 start, but after Liles and Tucker went down, so did it. But the past is the past: we can't just wait around for Liles to get healthy, and Tucker still doesn't look 100% after returning.

Enter Miroslav Satan.

Yes, he's old. Yes, he's one-dimensional. Yes, signing him is an incredibly short sighted move.

But who cares?

His salary would be inexpensive. He has experience. He's proven that he has the hands to be both a good shooter and passer.

Something has to get the power play going, and something has to get Matt Duchene going. Putting him on a line with McLeod and Svatos every night has become the equivalent of beating one's head against a brick wall.

Because the only real player in jeopardy of being bumped down a line or scratched (Svatos) isn't a player the Avalanche have any long term plans for, there comes no risk with signing Satan.

At the very least, signing him would give Joe Sacco another competent top-six forward to work with.


From the Point said...

Wouldn't it be great if we still had Smyth.
That is not a question.

sean said...

I agree, lets make a deal with the Devil. :)

From the Point - it would be great if we still had Smyth only if we didn't have to give up Quincey. :)

Magnum said...

I can't believe I forgot the "to" in the title.

I wish the Avalanche would have taken a shot at a competent forward this off-season. You know, seeing as they were removing arguably their best offensive player from a team that finished dead last in goals scored.

Anonymous said...
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