Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sacco Coach, Sherman GM =)

What can I say other than "haven't we seen this before?" The Avs hired another accountant as GM and unproven coach for the second time in recent history.

I'm not going to put any negative comments in this blog (aside from that last paragraph). Let's look at the positives of these hirings, partially because I'm too pessimistic, and also because listing the negatives would take too long:

- We've got a new GM. Perhaps he has fresh ideas about how this team should be built.

- Granato and Cloutier are GONE. No more giving Clark 22+ minutes a game (Granato), and no more destroying our defensive prospects/softening our physical defensemen. (Cloutier).

- The defensemen who were called up last year looked more competent than some of our regulars. This is relevant because Joe Sacco was the coach of Colorado's AHL affiliate last season.

Well, I knew this was going to be a short one when I started it. If the names Sacco and Sherman were replaced by Laviolette and Feaster, I'd be feeling pretty optimistic right now. But I'm not, so it looks like we'll have to rely on the "Shermanator" to save this team.

I'll be back.

(with another blog at some point)

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