Saturday, June 27, 2009

Draft Analysis, more UFA thoughts/rumors.

The draft is all said and done, and I think the Avalanche did themselves well. Based on Bob McKenzie's draft prediction (in which he got an amazing 27/30 of the 1st round picks right), Ryan O'Reilly was ranked 26th (Avs took him 33rd) and Stephan Elliot was ranked 35th (Avs took him 49th), so first indications appear the Avs were able to draft some players who may be better than their draft overall makes them out to be.

I'm iffy on the 5th round choice, Boston University goalie Kieran Millan. His stats are amazing - 29-2-3, 1.94 GAA, .921 SV% - but he was playing with a great team in front of him. He was very shaky towards the end of the tournament, and nearly cost BU the championship in the final against Miami. Also, he was drafted before Olivier Roy, a goalie considered by many to be one of the top 5 in this draft. In the end, I'll come back to this point - Millan won those games, regardless of everything else. Also, he's only 19 and still has time to improve off of his tremendous rookie season last year.


In other goalie news, rumors has it Marty Biron has made Colorado his first option as a team he'd like to sign with this summer. Not earth shattering news, seeing as the only two teams with no goalie are Colorado and Edmonton.

With the Gustavsson front quiet, it's looking like Biron is the best available option. He's the only UFA goalie who's won 29+ games in each of the last two seasons, and also the only goalie who's started 50 games or more to have posted a .915+ SV% in each of the last two seasons.

Anderson is still a pretty good option, but I'm lobbying for Biron at this point (again, if we don't sign 'The Monster').


Delta-Slider said...

I like Biron as an option. Lots of experience, as you mentioned.
The Monster wants to be mentored. We've been mentoring goalies since we signed Theo, lets get a goalie that is ready to play. Not a project.
Like your blog, keep it up!
-From the Point

Magnum said...

From the Point,


- Magnum