Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back From The Dead.

For some reason, despite my last post being in November, this blog is picking up traffic and more than one person emailed me about it. What's sadder, the fact that this blog is more popular when I ignore it, or that Peter Budaj has only picked up ten wins since my last post (Nov. 18th)?

First I need to mention an interview with Wojtek Wolski which can be found here. Check it out, it's a pretty good read. And while I'm in shilling mode, check out this site too.

Wolski mentions his roommate on the road is Jordan Leopold. Not to be the bearer of bad news, but you might need a new roomie pretty soon, Wojtek. With the trade deadline just around the corner, I'm going to go through where some notable Avalanche players might end up.

(In alphabetical order)

Tyler Arnason: Will any team be desperate enough to take a chance on ol' Arny? I seriously doubt it, but no one expected Detroit to trade for Kyle Calder during deadline day '07.

Destination: Colorado :(

Brett Clark: This guys popularity with Avalanche fans is about the same as former President Bush's approval rating was when he left office. Never the less, he is serviceable and is second in the league in blocked shots. A team might think he can rediscover his offensive touch if put in the right environment.

The big problem with Clark is he'll stand to make 3.5 million dollars next year, a gross overpayment for a #4 defenseman who's scored 12 points in 60+ games.

Destination: LA Kings. It looks like the Kings are going to make a push for the playoffs, and could probably use an extra defenseman with Preissing out. With Gauthier and O'Donnell likely both departing via free agency, and 12+ million in cap space, the Kings can afford to take on Clark's salary next season.

Ian Laperriere: It's rumored that contract talks aren't going so well, which leads me to believe #14 is on his way out the door. Not to mention he's 35 on a team that's rebuilding. Or at least soon will be.

Destination: LA Kings. He's got roots there and they could really use his leadership if they're making a playoff push.

Jordan Leopold: I think Leo is most likely to be moved. He's a cheap, mobile puck mover who's an impending UFA. He could really help a team lacking offense from the point on their second power play unit. Plus, he has extensive playoff experience from having gone to game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals with Calgary in 2004.

Destination: Columbus. Yes, Boston is the answer everyone says, but I really won't be surprised if he goes to Columbus. Fedor Tyutin is having himself a nice little year, but who's kidding who here? They need more production from the blue line. My hypothesis (aka guess) is strengthened by the fact that Colorado and Columbus made a trade last season (which Columbus fans seem to forget).

Ryan Smyth: If he were in the final year of his deal, he'd be the hottest commodity this deadline. But the fact remains he has three years left with a cap hit of 6.25 million a season.

Colorado. No one can afford the guy. If, and I mean if, he were moved, I bet it would be to Pittsburgh in a big deal involving Ryan Whitney. The Penguins have less money locked up than people think, and Ray Shero may see Smyth as the winger Crosby has so desperately needed (don't get me started).

Darcy Tucker: He sucks, and on top of that he's having a bad year. For some reason, both coach Granato and GM Giguere seem to like his work ethic, so I'm not sure he's even being shopped. But here's to hoping.

Colorado. I can't see anyone taking this guy off our hands.

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