Monday, November 3, 2008

I Overrated G's Coaching Ability

A team that came flying out of the gate early this season has slowly turned into a team who can't score non-fluke goals.

Colorado hasn't been in this bad of shape since the early 2007 season, and that's a pretty bold statement when taking into the consideration that this team is only four games removed from a five game winning streak.

I'm going to start a new segment to make my blogs interesting (as if they aren't already). It's called "who showed up". Well, who showed up tonight? Smyth, Hejduk, Guite, McCormick, Wolski, and Clark. I was even going to say Budaj until he let that 6th one get by...

That's not very many players though, and it's on the coaching staff to get the team going. The team was dominated tonight, couldn't do anything on the power play, and simply looked slow.

I'd also like to note that Joe Sakic has been quite crappy lately. I don't pull any punches, no matter who the player is. Sakic has been invisible, and doesn't have a goal since the Oilers game.

Hopefully we can all look forward to a new Adrian Dater blog ripping the team apart. And oh yeah, at least I'm now 1 for 2 with my predictions.

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